Born 4 Suffer Tour US 2000
Steady Bongo Returns to Madison

On his way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, De Great Steady Bongo, Sierra Leone's premier Cultural Heroes Band lead singer and his troupe will return to Madison on Thursday, September 28, 2000 for a performance at the Crystal Corner Bar, 1302 Williamson Street. Steady Bongo performed at the Memorial Union on Friday, August 18 followed with another performance at the African Festival on August 19. Both performances were greeted with enthusiasm. 

This is the final lap of De Great Steady Bongo’s "Born 4 Surfer Tour", Madison’s newly discovered favorite Band show and entertainment. Steady Bongo and the Cultural Heroes will give a non-stop three hours musical entertainment at the Crystal Corner Bar. The Madison and Milwaukee performances are the last in a six months tour of the Bands U.S. visit. They will return to Africa on October 30. This great entertainer, Steady Bongo, is a must see and Crystal Corner Bar offers a perfect venue for their return and final visit to Madison before departure to Africa.

De Great Steady Bongo combines the best of a new generation of African Musicians. He emerges from the turmoil of civil strife with a high tempo that reflects in his music and songs, making them philosophical and dance hall. It is a combination of both message and function that makes De Great Steady Bongo a star musician, performer and entertainer. Once you see and listen to him, his humor is contagious and very difficult to forget. For a preview of Bongo’s popular music style, stay tuned with Madison’s owned, community support, FM Radio station, W O R T. 

The "Born 4 Suffer" tour will end in Wisconsin on Thursday, September 28 at the Crystal Corner bar 1302 Williamson Street and on Saturday, September 30 in Milwaukee. In Milwaukee, the show will take place at the Empire Room, 5401 N. Lovers Lane Road. The Rising Star, STEADY BONGO with his cultural heroes, will provide the latest dance hall craze from the continent again, right here in Wisconsin. If you get the fever, then follow them to Milwaukee for more cultural cure.

Join us on Thursday, September 28, 2000 at the Crystal Corner. The show starts at 9 PM with three hours of continuous hits. Just come, you’ll be glad you did. The cost for the Madison appearance is $7.00 and the show starts at 9 PM. The Crystal Corner Bar is located at 1302 Williamson Street.



Tegloma Federation Inc.


Steady Bongo

& The Cultural Heroes

Backed by 
DJ Sama of the Tunkia Amusement Production
Venue: Empire Room 

Saturday, September 30, 2000

8 P.M - 2 A.M

MCs: Ms. Bridget Pourrier and Abdul Sillah


Steady Bongo revisits Wisconsin

By Ben F. Weller 

By popular request, and thanks to the Tegloma Federation administration, Steady Bongo and his Cultural Heroes will revisit Wisconsin after a highly successful and much talked about debut performances at the University of Wisconsin - Madison Memorial Terrace, and at the Wisconsin Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in August, 2000. Hundreds of music lovers of all ages were there.

They clowned, mimicked, and excited young women who threw themselves effortlessly at them. Steady Bongo and his inimitable team are superstars in their own right, who would mesmerize and entertain you all night with songs that are spiritually and profoundly moving.

But even as Steady and his men embrace the flirtations and festive statements of love, they are mindful of their imminent return home. In the song “we lek we Sa. Leone,” (a song made popular by another Sierra Leonean artist), they scornfully remind the rest of us that home is home. 

For them, and for the rest of us, if the country can come together as the disparate sounds do, as the gently confident voice of Steady and his backup singers and band do, perhaps, just perhaps, hope is not too foolish a sentiment to express for Sierra Leone so fractured by conflict. 

You are invited to come see the Great Steady Bongo of “Komot Bihen Me” fame, live at the Wisconsin Tegloma Chapter inaugural ball on September 30, 2000 at the Empire Room, 5401 North Lovers Lane Road, in Milwaukee at 8 p.m.


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